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Happy Year of the Metal Ox

Whew...that Rat was hardcore and excruciatingly long! Before we plow our way into the Oxen's field at 1:06pm CST on Friday, February 12, 2021, I think it is important to reflect on the Metal Rat and its many lessons about society, values, and you know, PLAGUES! Here is what I wrote a year ago about the Metal Rat of 2020: Rats are passionate freedom lovers, but need family near. Brilliant and ingenious in finding creative solutions to difficult problems, Rats use times of political unrest and mayhem to spark new ideas that cause the disruption of established order (viva la revolution!!). Who knew that telling people to isolate, not touch each other, follow rules, wear masks, and stay home could cause insurrection and revolt?! Another thing to point out is that while the Rat had 2020 vision, the Metal Ox is blind (there are no February 4ths, the Eyes of Spring, in this lunar year.) We literally cannot believe what we are seeing in 2021, so we must rely on our other senses as a guide. Does this pass the smell test? Did that sound right to you?

Oxen are known for hard work, discipline, loyalty and pragmatism. When they dig in deep they can lean towards authoritarianism, patriarchy, stubbornness and righteousness. The Ox was considered very valuable and lucky (especially in regard to agriculture) and came to symbolize money, the granting of wishes, and the curing of disease and ailments (think Jack and the Beanstalk). The Triangle of Affinity of the Steadfast and Determined is Ox, Snake and Rooster. The Ox’s best friend is Rat, worst friend is Horse, and it conflicts with Sheep. Notable events from past Ox Years: Peace Corps, Apollo program, NATO formed, 1984 published, Fed Ex, DEA, New Coke, Bay of Pigs, Freedom Riders v. KKK, construction of the Berlin Wall, height of Watergate scandal, Unabomber, Live Aid, Nintendo, Ford Taurus, Grindr and the iPad launched. It was during the change from Metal Rat to Metal Ox (1960-61) that President Dwight Eisenhower (Metal Tiger) warned of the dangers of the military-industrial complex (metal element run amok). The Metal element naturally goes to harvest and can be flexible or rigid. Last year’s Metal Rat was Yang. This Metal Ox is Yin, more of a cup rather than a blade.

Rat and Ox are besties, so things started in Rat, continue and resolve in Ox. Ox can take what Rat began and complete it, ground it, bring it to a resolution. The Ox asks, What are you building? What are the goals? be the architect, the opener of doors. This is an excellent year to write out your vision, make a treasure map, and physically design your life.

Another aspect of the change from Rat to Ox, is that it is all taking place under the spotlight of 6 planets in Aquarius (Sun, New Moon-which marks the lunar new year, Mercury-in retrograde because of course it is, Venus-exactly conjunct Jupiter on the day of the New Moon, and Saturn-squaring up on the freak Uranus, just to be difficult.) What this translates to is a bright light shining on how we act as a society, the big "We." Are we going off the cliff into nihilism, anarchy, extremism, divisiveness and chaos? Or we going to put on our adult pants, put on a mask to protect others, recognize our interconnectedness, pull together, cooperate and find creative solutions that include everyone? The Venus/Jupiter conjunction and the day of the Chinese New Year gives me hope. This Ox is about big, expansive love, and doing the work it will take to express that LOVE.

Generally speaking, of all the Zodiac critters, the Ox is the most patient and tolerant, even to those that he doesn't like as much, Sheep and Horse, looking at you. Sheep, Horse, Dog and Tiger have got some work to do to prove themselves to the Ox and you'll have the toughest time this year, but think of it as an opportunity to learn about yourself, practice patience, and knuckle down. Monkey, Dragon and Rabbit, you will also be annoyed and frustrated with the pace of the year, but just practice being present to the Now, rather than always looking ahead. Really savor this year, don't gulp it down. Ox, Rat, Snake, Rooster and Pig will fare the best in the Ox year, as it really fits with these animals preferred pace, priorities, and ethics. For the animals with good prospects, taking an active role in directing your life is a requirement. Luck and timing can only work to your advantage if you show up and participate.

The final weird piece to this year is the Superb Owl (didn't expect that, did you?) I told you it was a long Rat! The Kansas City Chiefs are Water Rabbits, being led by Patrick Mahomes, a Wood Pig. 2020 brought down the Wood Monkey SF 49ers, led by a Metal Sheep. Now, in 2021, the Super Bowl is still happening in the same Metal Rat year as last, except this time Mahomes is up against the Fire Dragon Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by Tome Brady, an elderly Fire Snake (seems like a lot of fire to burn out). All I can say is that Tom Brady will probably be wishing that the game took place a week later in his Triangle of Affinity (Ox, Snake, Rooster). Edit: TB12 is impervious to a whims of the universe and PM15 had bad turf toe.

Happy New Year and Go Chiefs!!


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