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Shannon Bailey


Shannon Bailey, Founder of Fierce Feng Shui, has been telling people where to put it for over twenty years. Specializing in applying Western Feng Shui principles to homes, businesses and outdoor landscaping, Shannon has even done websites and virtual environments. She draws wisdom and inspiration from Western and Chinese Astrology, the I Ching, myth and symbolism across many cultures.


After starting her career in the Midwest, she moved to the Bay Area for a decade and has now returned to Kansas City to play with flowers, dig in the garden, remodel old homes with her husband and tell him where to put it. Shannon, her husband, and 6 kitties (3 kitties moved in from outside) all reside in a 1908 Kansas City shirtwaist that was purchased pre-gutted, but had an amazing porch. The remodel has been slow, dusty, expensive, and exhilarating. The cats haven't been much help.

Shannon is available for teaching classes and workshops, private consultations and Chinese Astrology.






Consultant. Speaker. Blogger. Florist.


Fierce Feng Shui Kansas City MO
Fierce Feng Shui Kansas City MO
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