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Bathroom Inspiration (LOL)

Heavy on the LOL

Doesn't this dark, dreary, gloomy place make you go "YES! This can be the spa of my dreams LOL! Because you know what sells houses? Kitchens and BATHROOMS!" So of course we couldn't wait to tackle this hot vintage, unsalvageable mess. Here are some more pictures of the gutted disaster we couldn't wait to make our home:

Yes, that is daylight peaking through the vintage hex tile floor--exactly where you want to see daylight!

1908 homes were built with the dreaded knob and tube wiring covered in a dirty, dusty plaster and lathe wall that equals gross. I'm not missing this at all! After this was shoveled out, new electrical, plumbing and sheetrock joined the party.

Finally it was starting to look less terrifying. Now the pretty things can start to happen! Like color and design and tile, Oh My!! The very first picture is of the first walkthrough, as we found it. That means that there was nothing to salvage except trim and windows, so it could literally be anything that we could imagine (appropriate for a 1908 Kansas City Shirtwaist stone and stucco home). Also, ANY color!! So course we went and white!!

Bold Black and White!

Tile and white wainscoting, restored vintage windows, and a bold black for contrast!

Add a vintage clawfoot tub (that several large men got to carry up the stairs) and oversized subway tile in the shower to create a modern vintage farmhouse look.

The contrasting tile insert helps considerably because we had to stick with the original 36" square shower due to space constraints (I needed the tub!) At least it is glass instead of the original closet walls. It would have been like taking a shower in a coffin.

Finally, the bathroom needed a sink and vanity on a tiny budget. Good thing we are creative and love live edge wood. The mirror was my grandmother's and it determined the theme of Black and White and Metallic all over. The best part of the BWM theme, is that any color will look stunning in the room. This week's colors of pink and yellow are here to celebrate Spring, but the colors will change with the seasons and holidays.

Yep, that's plumbing pipe and walnut! At the very beginning of this house renovation, my husband bought a walnut log that had been slabbed up. It has come in handy for all kinds of house and furniture projects.

The cat is Larry, who enjoys matching the bathroom!


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