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A Good House Always Kicks You Out When You're Ready

Something amazing happens in the world of Feng Shui when you get it perfect. You move and start over again. It is a phenomenon that I have witnessed in my own life and in hundreds of others.

My Feng Shui teachers, Katherine Metz and Professor Lin Yun had a saying, "A good house always kicks you out when you're ready." Sometimes it's a great thing and other times it may feel like your world has come crashing in around you. Sometimes it's a little of both. Be careful what you ask for, because in Feng Shui, you're going to get it. We put an asking price on the loft to see what would happen, and 3 and a half months later, we live in my Mother-in Law's basement in Blue Springs, Missouri.

When we finished the bar, we removed a ladder to a nook that had become part of the master closet expansion. We needed to build a sturdy, safe half wall so that you didn't plummet to your death while sleepwalking. With just a couple more projects on the loft left, we wrapped up a gorgeous backsplash in the kitchen, got an incredible industrial faucet for the sink, and finished the wall upstairs (like a deck railing, see above picture). It was perfect. We thought so and so did the realtors, Kenny Truong and Mayury Bounprakob at, who basically said that our tremendous amount of possessions actually helped let buyers know how much stuff you could get in there and that was a good thing. It was on the market for 2 weeks and they got us a stunning offer, which we accepted and began the arduous task of packing.

Our task during the 2 weeks on the market was to keep it uncluttered, clean and presentable for showings. It was the cleanest we've ever been. It was nice. It was hard. It was completely unrealistic to live that way on a regular basis (given that humans and cats are gross). Thank you to Leila Seppa Photography for the gorgeous photos of the loft (see below) that captured spirit of the place at that moment in time of perfection! Go to for all of your photography needs.

And so it begins again. We returned back to Kansas City, bought a house that needed our brand of love, and demo has started. I will be reporting here on the state of that renovation until that good house kicks us out because we're ready. I leave you with one last shot of the boxes before we left.

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